CIMCheck - a command line utility for validating CIM/XML documents.


java -jar cimcheck.jar [option...] profile_file model_file...


CIMCheck accepts a profile definition and one or more CIM/XML power system model files. It checks the models against the profile and outputs validation messages.

The profile definition is in the form of a .simple-owl file. This file can be created by CIMTool and copied from the Profile directory of a CIMTool project.



Send validation results to the given results_file. If this option is omitted results are sent to the standard output.


Use the given rules_file instead of the built in rules. The rules control the interpretation of the profile and the validation process. A rules file, if used, will be found in the Profile directory of a CIMTool project with suffix .rules.


Use the given working_dir as a temporary storage directory during validation. The directory is created if it does not exist. The default is a directory called cimcheck-temp-work created in the current working directory.

Exit Status

The exit status is 0 if validation was successful and no validation errors were found.

The exit status is 1 if validation errors were found. A one line error report is written to the standard error stream.

The exit status is 2 if the command arguments are not correct. A usage message is written to the standard error.


See: CIMCheck Distribution to obtain CIMCheck.