CIMTool can support multiple extension namespaces in the information model and either of the profile namespace approaches discussed here: Namespaces#ProfilesandNamespaces

Information Model Namespaces

The information model is normally supplied to CIMTool as an UML/XMI file. Namespaces, in a general sense, are represented by packages and classes. To obtain URI namespaces something must be added.

Default Namespace

A default namespace is assigned to each XMI file at the time it is imported to CIMTool. This is specified via a field in the import wizard. The default namespace for each XMI file can be subsequently changed in the file properties dialog.

The default namespace is used as follows:

UML Tag: baseuri

CIMTool recognises a UML tag with name baseuri which is expected to have a namespace URI as its value. The baseuri tag can be attached to any package, class, association or attribute using the UML editor.

Generally, it is sufficient to tag the top level packages in a UML model to obtain the correct namespaces throughout.

Annotation File

CIMTool can obtain namespace information from a file accompanying the XMI file, called an annotation file. There is no editor or other GUI for managing namespace information in the annotation file. It is a stopgap intended for situations where the user does not control the XMI file and that file lacks baseuri tags.

The annotation file should be placed in the project's Schema folder where the XMI file is located. It must have the same base name as the XMI file and extension .annotation instead of .xmi.

The file can be edited with the eclipse text editor. (If an external text editor is used, the workspace must be manually refreshed afterwards.) An example file to that can be used as a template is found here:

The file contains baseuri statements in the RDF TURTLE language. For example, the line:

	package:ERCOT     uml:baseuri "" .	

Has the same effect as attaching a baseuri tag to the ERCOT package with the given URI as its value.


Profile Namespaces

Each profile is assigned a namespace at the time the profile is created. There is a namespace field provided in the profile import wizard. The namespace can also be edited in the profile properties dialog. (This is obtained by right clicking on the profile definition in the project explorer.)

The profile namespace policy determines how this value will be used. The policy is set on the CIMTool preferences page by the Preserve schema namespaces in profiles checkbox. (This is obtained from the main menu by selecting Window > Preferences... > CIMTool.)

Same Namespace Policy

This policy is obtained when Preserve schema namespaces in profiles is selected. It is the default.

Separate Namespace Policy

This policy is obtained when Preserve schema namespaces in profiles is not selected.

Common Behaviour

The following behaviour is independent of the namespace policy: