CIMTool can help you track changes in the CIM that affect your profiles and track changes between different versions of a profile.

Comparing Schema (or CIM) Versions

To compare two versions of the CIM they should be both present in the workspace. In other words, you must create two projects containing the respective CIM versions.

The Compare Editor

The eclipse compare editor gives a structured view of the differences between two schemas or two profiles.

Comparing Profile Versions

To compare two profiles they should both be present in the workspace. They may be in the same project or different projects. As with schema comparisons, the two candidates must be selected:

Quirks and Caveats

The Eclipse Modelling Framework (EMF) defines its own comparison editor for .xmi files. If this editor is installed in your version of eclipse you will be unable to use the CIMTool schema compare editor. Unfortunately, eclipse is prone to hanging in that case if a comparison of .xmi files is attempted.