The current release is CIMTool 1.9.7. This release brings the ability to directly import EA project files (the usual form of the CIM) without any need to create an XMI file. In addition, the platform has been updated to eclipse Indigo.

For other changes in the 1.9 series read New and Notable for 1.9 and the Change Log.

Linux 64bit

Mac OSX 64bit

Windows 64Bit (Windows Vista, 7, 8)

You need this if you are running a 64 bit Java, which would be usual for these systems. If you are running a 32 bit Java version use the 32 bit CIMTool release.

Windows 32bit (Most Windows XP Systems)

For 32 bit windows or 64 bit windows running 32 bit Java.


The release is distributed as a ready-to-run package including the eclipse platform, CIMTool, Ecore, and eclipse XML and XSD editors.

However, the package does not include the Java Runtime Environment. If you don't have it, get it from or and install it first.

Once you have java 6 (1.6) or 7 (1.7) simply unzip the CIMTool package in a location of your choice, for example C:\. This will create a folder called CIMTool which contains eclipse.exe. Double click eclipse.exe to launch.

If you install CIMTool you will want to join the CIMTool Google Group.

Getting Started

Once CIMTool is installed you probably want to create a CIMTool project. See Getting Started or CIMTool Topics.

You should also join the CIMTool Google Group and tell us what you are doing with CIMTool.


Ask a question on the CIMTool Google Group.

Source Code

The latest source code is available from github:


CIMTool is provided under the terms of the Lesser GNU Public License Version 2.1.

Old Versions

Older versions of the eclipse version of CIMTool and installation instructions are found on the CIMTool Old Versions page.