Here is a quick guide to getting started with CIMTool.

Creating a Project

1. Open the CIMTool perspective. If this is the first time you have run eclipse then:

2. Create a new CIMTool project. Select File|New|CIMTool Project. You will need a CIM XMI file (with extension .xmi) to complete the wizard.

3. Create a new Profile (ie message definition). Select File|New CIMTool Profile. In the wizard, nominate the project you just created and give this profile a name. I will assume it is called "example".

Editing a Profile

4. In the navigator view find example.owl in the Profiles folder and right click. In the context menu choose "Profile Editor". The editor pane will show a blank Add/Remove page and the outline view will show a single root element.

5. Editing is driven from the outline view. Select the root element there and the Add/Remove page will be populated, showing two panes. Add one or more classes to as top level definitions by selecting them in the right pane can clicking the '<' button to move them to the left pane.

6. Double click one of the newly added classes in the left pane. The outline view, project model view, and Add/Remove page will all update and focus on the selected class.

7. Select attributes and associations of the class and click the '<' button to add these to the profile.

8. To produce profile artifacts, such as an XML schema, select the Summary tab and switch on the builder for XSD. Click the save button. As well as saving the profile definition to example.owl, the example.xsd file (in the same folder) will be generated. Open this file (ideally in the eclipse XML Schema editor) to see the results. The schema will update automatically every time the profile is saved.


In the File menu choose Import|CIMTool Schema to add XMI files to a project.

Next Steps

For more see CIMTool Topics.