Two new features added in version 1.2.5 help you to profiles the same CIM class in two or more different ways.

Adding a Second Profile for a CIM Class

Profile classes are created on in the profile editor using the Add/Remove page shown below.

Normally, CIMTool prevents you from adding the same class more than once to the same profile. In the screenshot you can see ACLineSegment has been added to the profile (appearing on the left in blue) and is therefore absent from the available classes (on the right).

To create a second profile of ACLineSegment, click the "Allow multiple profiles per class" checkbox at the top of the page. The display with then look like this:

ACLineSegment is available for selection. If it is added (by selecting it and clicking the 'move left' arrow) we get a profile class called ACLineSegment1.

Focus on this by double-clicking it or selecting it in the outline. It has no attributes and, unlike ACLineSegment, no parent profile class. Normally, profile classes a given parent and child classes automatically. This behaviour is suspended when the "Allow multiple.." checkbox is ticked.

Assigning Parent Classes

The Hierarchy page of the profile editor allows you to choose or change the parent profile class for any given profile class. This becomes particularly usefull when creating multiple profiles of the same class, as such profiles would probably not all have the default parent. The Hierarchy page looks like this:

The display shows every potential parent class for the currently selected profile class. Click the checkbox next to a class to make it the parent.


The default name such as ACLineSegment1 is probably not what you want. The Element Detail page is used to rename profile classes. And to add descriptions.