Current versions of the CIM are maintained with the Sparx Systems UML design tool, Enterprise Architect (EA). Creating a profile requires that the CIM be imported from EA into CIMTool.

Using XMI

The standard way to import a schema into CIMTool is to use an XMI file. This works for several UML editing tools.

Export options for Enterprise Architect that enable import by CIMTool are :

The following options are left at the default setting:

Using the EAP File

Exporting XMI can be slow. An alternative is to directly import the Enterprise Architect Project (EAP) file into CIMTool. This eliminates the need to export anything from EA before importing to CIMTool.

Some preparation is required to make this work.

Full instructions are found in Sparx Systems deployment manual, section 7. See

To import an EAP (Jet4) file into a CIMTool project, use the Schema Import wizard as usual but select a file type of *.eap when browsing for the file. You must close the project in EA before importing to CIMTool.